7 months of the work!

16 Dec 2018

Today we celebrate 7 months from the date of launch of the site!

Let's sum up the last month. Currently the price of the TRT is $1.84

A month ago, price of 1 TRT was $1.66

Despite the fall of the crypto market, we continue to increase the capitalization of the TRIOS fund and bring profit to our users!

Bounty enrollment problem for December 14th

14 Dec 2018

Unfortunately, today, December 14, there was a problem with the automatic charging of the Bounty. Now, all Bounty are payed to all users!

6 months of the work!

16 Nov 2018

Today we celebrate half a year since the launch of the site!

Let's sum up the last month. Currently the price of the TRT token is $1.66

A month ago, one TRT cost $1.59

Unfortunately, the crypto market is going through hard times. Also yesterday, on November 15th, the price of 1 BTC plummeted from $6,300 to $5,500, and pulled down all the altcoins. Why this happened, we can not say for sure. In the ordinary stock market, the reason is always clearly visible; in the case of the cryptocurrency market, the effect is usually visible, and then the reason becomes clear.

What should those who have cryptocurrency do?

It's hard to say: what is better: sell or wait. One of the most ungrateful activities is to make predictions for the short term. The forecast here will depend only on the personal interest of the person who makes it. Now there was a drop in the rate of almost a thousand dollars. Even if growth happens, there will be new rounds of fall.

In any case, this did not have a significant impact on our TRT tokens. The price of TRT is slowly but steadily growing, and also the owners of TRT tokens consistently receive an award every day without worrying about the drawdowns of the crypto market.

We added the banners

11 Nov 2018

We have added new banners to the page "Promotional materials"! Banners are available in all sizes and in two languages.

Site statistics

30 Oct 2018

As an experiment, we added a new page on the site: Site Statistics.

On this page you can see the latest registered users, a list of recent payouts, and the top 10 users who bought TRT tokens.

There is also a list of payouts for 24 hours and a list of new users who have registered in the last 24 hours.

User Account Security

17 Oct 2018

Over the past few days, we have received several messages from users that someone has logged into their personal account, sold tokens and paid money. We appeal to all users: please be careful on the Internet! Remember the simple rules:

1) Never register on sites with a password from your mailbox;

2) Do not use the same passwords on different sites;

3) Download only licensed software from developer sites;

4) Use a good anti-virus program.

For the safety of our users, from today you can only pay to those wallets that are linked to your account. The list of wallets is on the My Wallets page. In order to add or remove a wallet from the list, you will need to enter a code that we will send by e-mail.

We expect that even in the case of a password theft, no attacker will be able to take the money of a user of our site.

5 months of work

16 Oct 2018

Today is October 16, and this means that exactly 5 months have passed since the launch of the site!
Let's summarize the small results:
- Cost of TRT token at the moment is $1.59
- More than 22 thousand users on the site
- Every day from 2200 to 2800 people visit the site

Sometimes we are asked: Why is there no news? Does the site work?

Yes, of course the site works! We still have stable instant payments, still the same convenient dashboards, all the same rewards from 0.5% to 1% per day without any delays and without any problems. We will try to write news more often, or at least every month to sum up our results.

We added the banners

04 Sep 2018

On the page "Promotional materials", links and banners are now available for inviting new users. We plan to add more landing pages soon.
Meanwhile, the price of the TRT token today is $1.43

The price of the TRT token today is already $1.40

29 Aug 2018

Today, August 29, the price of TRT tokens is $1.40
Also, today (like yesterday and every day), each token holder made a profit of 1% of the value of tokens to his dollar account.

The price of the TRT token increased by 30%

10 Aug 2018

Today, August 10, the price of the TRT token is $ 1.30. This means that everyone who bought tokens at $ 1 earned 30% on the increase in value.
Now, we have more than 6000 users, and many of them are holders of TRT tokens. We remind you that holders of TRT tokens receive up to 1% of profit per day!

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