We added the banners

04 Sep 2018

On the page "Promotional materials", links and banners are now available for inviting new users. We plan to add more landing pages soon.
Meanwhile, the price of the TRT token today is $1.43

The price of the TRT token today is already $1.40

29 Aug 2018

Today, August 29, the price of TRT tokens is $1.40
Also, today (like yesterday and every day), each token holder made a profit of 1% of the value of tokens to his dollar account.

The price of the TRT token increased by 30%

10 Aug 2018

Today, August 10, the price of the TRT token is $ 1.30. This means that everyone who bought tokens at $ 1 earned 30% on the increase in value.
Now, we have more than 6000 users, and many of them are holders of TRT tokens. We remind you that holders of TRT tokens receive up to 1% of profit per day!

We have 1000 users!

28 Jun 2018

Today we have registered user number 1000, his login KINDER3030.
This is a great holiday for us and we give the user KINDER3030 1000 TRT tokens!
We want to note that already 1000 users get a reward for owning tokens every day. Also, the price of tokens at the moment is $1.15, that is, the price has already increased by 15%!


16 May 2018

Today, May16, 2018, we want to introduce our team to the world.
Our team consists of financial experts, experts in the field of crypto and ICO, programmers, technicians. Also, there is a huge number of specialists who performed for us one-time tasks and remote freelancers. The management of the company decided to create a platform that is accessible to a wide range of people and attract additional financial resources. All financial resources invested in the platform will be used by the company to increase the total turnover in order to obtain additional profit. We tried to collect the most necessary information on the FAQ page. For any questions, write to those. support on the site or on our e-mail.